Bio Fogging Deep Cleaning in Market Harborough

Kills viruses, bacteria, mould, spores, germs, 100%

Bio Fogging offers unrivalled experience and expertise when it comes to protecting its customer’s businesses or home from the outbreak and spread of infections like Influenza, Meningitis, MRSA, C.difficile, Norovirus, Ecoli and most Pathogens known to human. The knowledge we have on how infectious pathogens spread has allowed us to develop a system that cleanses all hard surfaces, soft fabrics and the air within your home or business premises. This is the most comprehensive infection control system on the market today.

BIO-FOGGING solution will kill all known micro-organisms. Thats kill all known viruses and bacteria, spores (including C. diff spores) & mould.

BIO-FOGGING has been proven to be the most powerful weapon against infections.

BIO-FOGGING can not only kill, but also cleans, providing save, effective cleaning and disinfection in 1 step.

BIO-FOGGING has been independently proven to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores. So from the moment you use it, you can rest assured that microbials are never coming back.

Over the years A2Z Cleaning services have experience working in many different environments including hospitals, councils, police, social services and private/public sector prisons to carry out specialist cleaning where body fluids have been spilt. Our service will ensure a 24/7, 365 cover should an incident occur and we will have a specialist team with you within 2 hours to control and manage the situation.

We have also developed successful strategies to deal with outbreaks connected with illness, such as the Norovirus, where containment and elimination of the bug is required to reduce and eliminate the presentation of new cases. Our team is able to seal off infected areas and carry out cleaning of all surfaces, including the air in the room, to effectively bring any epidemic under control.

Coronavirus Pandemic. A disinfector in a protective suit and mask sprays disinfectants in house or office. Protection agsinst COVID-19 disease. Prevention of spreding pneumonia virus with surfaces.

We are experts in making your environment safe and secure within 2 hours of your call and once disinfected and cleaned we issue you a decontamination certificate for your records.

We have also invested in an anti-microbial fogging machine (which is effective for up to 30 days) to help you to mitigate and reduce the risk of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)  spreading to any staff working within your office/building. With a 14-day (estimated) gestation period, this bacteria, could be spread quickly throughout your business if action isn’t taken to prevent it from doing so.

Our clean covers the high risk touch areas including building entrances, banisters, door handles and areas where your team might get together such as:

  • Office facilities such as photocopiers and hot desks,
  • Break out area and kitchens
  • Water fountains and tea/coffee making facilities
  • Locker rooms, changing facilities and showers

Other high risk areas will be around the reception and visitor waiting areas, bathroom facilities, toilets, sideboards, desks and of course, individual workstations

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