gutter cleaning costs

Gutter Cleaning Costs

In this blog post I thought it would be useful to outline some of the things that affect gutter cleaning costs. Having the gutters cleaned on a normal sized terraced property with easy access around the property will cost around £60. As the size of the property and the complexity of the job increases the costs scale up because of the additional time and safety considerations needed when cleaning gutters.

Length of gutters

As you would expect the length of your gutters is the main factor that affects the price of your gutter cleaning. The longer the gutter the longer it will take to clean and consequently the price goes up. We use a rule of thumb to calculate gutter cleaning costs based £4 per meter in length. This of course assumes that the property is easy and safe to access and the gutters are no higher than 5m high.

Height of gutters

In a wide variety of homes in the UK the height of gutters in its self does not present an additional problem or an additional cost when having your gutters cleaned. However once the height of a building exceeds 7-8 meters most gutter “hovers” won’t reach the gutter and its often not safe to use traditional ladders above this height. Which means a special ladder or cherrypicker must be used when cleaning the gutters. This can add to the cost of gutter cleaning.

Additional safety considerations will also have to be taken into account which again can mean added expense.

Sate of repair of Gutters

Over time gutters degrade. If you decide not to replace broken or degraded parts of your gutters but still have them cleaned the costs can increase due to the additional care and attention taken when cleaning a damaged gutter (ensuring more damage isnt caused).

Access to Gutters

Access to or the lack of access can also be a big factor in your gutter cleaning costs. For instance if your property faces out onto a busy pedestrian street you may need to organise for your gutters to be cleaned outside of normal hours. Or if your gutters are only accessible from the roof this can add to the safety considerations for the cleaners them selves which again can increase the price.

Gutter Cleaning Quotes

Fortunately most houses do not present many problems when it comes to gutter cleaning, so it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! Our prices start form £60 for gutter cleaning on a single terraced house and they increase depending on the size of the house.

If you are looking for gutter cleaning in the Leicestershire area then give us a call on 0800 246 54 62 or use our contact page to organise a quote.

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