Cladding Cleaning – Clifton Packaging

The Project –

A2Z was contracted to conduct the exterior cladding cleaning of Clifton Packaging in Leicester we also cleaned their windows and made sure their rain guttering was cleared of obstructions and flowing freely.

The beautiful British weather has been uncharacteristically warm for the past few years especially during the damp winter months; this has proved to be good for moss and algae that grow on the exterior of buildings.

Consequently industrial buildings with cladding or render finishes have experienced an increased growth of these organisms.

Clifton Packaging premises had an additional issue in that it is situated very near the M69/M1 junction. This has caused a coating of atmospheric pollution presenting as a layer of greasy carbon that was resistant to cleaning

The solution was to apply a 2% Softwash mix made up of 14% sodium hypochlorite and a strong surfactant. This cut through all the surface dirt. We then rinsed using pressure washers at 200bar but kept to 8 litres per minute to prevent damage to the cladding.

The additional issue was the premises where over 12 meters high in many places, working at this height required a powered access solution. The North elevation also had a slope on the floor of over 8 degrees. This   presented an issue as normal booms will not work so we hired in a 26meter tuck mount.

As is standard with all of our sites a full health and safety assessment was performed and RAMS prepared. Our staff are fully trained to use the equipment safely, having their IPAF licenses and having had extensive training.

Cladding Cleaning – Time Frame

The cladding cleaning took a total of 5 days to complete on a building with approximately 4200(square meters) of cladding, we had four operatives working in 2 teams. This meant the site was cleaned efficiently presenting the least disruption possible to the clients.

Cladding Cleaning – The Outcome

We are very pleased to be able to assist Clifton Packaging help their business premises stay clean, present a great image to the public and reduce the wear and tear on their cladding.

If you building is in need of a decent clean give us a call for a free quote. Risk assessments are provided on all jobs and all of after staff are fully qualified to BICS cleaning standards.

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