Pressure Washing Guide

A pressure washer is the best way to clean outdoor surfaces with the minimum of hassle and cost. Pressure washer shoot a powerful jet of water that makes them ideal for cleaning patios decking, drive ways, forecourts and many other environments. I would like to mention that you should be very carful using pressure washers on buildings because the force of the water can often damage exterior surfaces and even break windows if they are sprayed directly.

Pressure washer can run through roughly 400 litres of water in an hour giving you 100 bar of pressure- compared to a standard garden hose that would give you 2,500 litres an hour but only 4 bar of pressure.

Types of Pressure Washer

Electric Pressure Washers:

Electric Pressure washers are perfect if you are planning on washing a small area around your home or garden. They are cheap and easy to buy from all DIY stores like B&Q, HomeBase etc. The run from mains electricity and are easy to use.

Petrol Pressure Washers:

Petrol pressure washer are more expensive and a lot more powerful than electric ones. Consequently they are more appropriate for heavy duty jobs or industrial applications. There are no trailing wires so you can transport them anywhere but be warned they are loud!

The pressure washer you need depends on a number of factors:

  • Whats the intended use
  • How large is the area you need to clean
  • How quickly you want to do it

The more pressure your washer has the faster you will be able to clean this is because the higher the pressure and the cleaning width (the width of the spray) the quicker you can get the job done.

The biggest machine with the strongest pressure may not suit your needs if, for example, you only have a patio to clean. Heres a few things you should look for when buying a pressure washer:

  • Adjustable pressure settings – this gives you ore flexibility to do different jobs.
  • Compact design – no one wants a big machine cluttering up their garage.
  • Inbuilt wheels – the more powerful washer are heavy to its important they have wheels.
  • Some washer have on board detergent tanks & longer hose lengths – these can be very useful.

Using A pressure Washer

Most pressure washers are connected to the mains power and the mains water. If you are using a static water source you’ll want to use a filter to prevent any sediment getting to the machines you should also be careful not to let the water run out as this can damage the machine.

Light pressure – -100 Bar

This should be used for cleaning soft out door surfaces such as wooden decking, garden furniture and fences.

Medium pressure – 110 Bar

This can be used for cleaning cars, vans, bikes, exterior paintwork, swimming pools, plastic furniture and guttering and patios.

High pressure – 120 Bar +

This can be used for cleaning patios, driveways, paths, brick & stonework and metal.