Window Cleaning Guide

In this months blog I thought I would give you a step by step guide to cleaning the windows in your home.  Having clean windows helps to bring light into your home & keeps it looking clean and tidy. This month i am just discussing cleaning your internal windows, if your interested in cleaning tips for your extrenal windows send me an email and I’ll write a new blog post about this. In general I would advise employing some one to do your external windows because you will most likely be working at height which is dangerous and the equipment can be expensive.

Window Cleaning Step By Step

1. Start by tying back any curtains or blinds so you can access the whole window and the frame. Then using a broom or a dustpan and brush, brush all of the surfaces of the frame, the corners and the glass itself. This is an important first step because if you don’t when you are trying to polish you will be rubbing dust and dirt into the frame.

2. Then get a bucket with warm soapy water and wipe down the windows (remember the fewer suds left on the window the better). I would also advise against using strong cleaning fluids, this is because overtime the use of these fluids can damage your window frames – especially if they are made from wood.

3.  Then get your squeegee (window cleaning tool) and wipe the windows down starting from the top of the frame wipe in an S shape for maximum efficiency.

4. Use a clean dry cloth to mop up and excess water on the window frame or on the sills.

Then you’re done! Lovely clean windows I would suggest cleaning your windows every 4 months to make sure dirt doesn’t build up and become impossible to clean in the long run.

Window Cleaning Hints & Tips

Clean Windows on a cloudy day: The reason for this is on a sunny day the heat from the sun causes the water on the windows to dry too quickly – this leaves smears on the windows. So if you can clean the windows when its cool and cloudy.

Greasy & dirty windows: If you windows have become really greasy (often happens in kitchens) or dirty theres an easy way to deal with this. Take 2 tablespoons of ammonia (you can buy this at a DIY shop)  and add it to a bucket of warm water. Then wipe down your windows with this mixture then clean up with a clean cloth.

Adding extra sparkle: if you want that show room “sparkly finish” take some old news paper and buff the window glass with it.