A beautiful office you 

can be proud of

Keeping the office clean is integral part of your business. It impresses new clients, keeps a happier and healthier staff and is good for the upkeep of the property. A2Z cleaning is a leading commercial cleaner, keeping offices clean and our clients happy.

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Exterior cleaning? We’re experienced, we’re insured, and we use the latest cleaning technologies to offer a service that is cost-effective, and keeps your premises clean outside.

A wealth of experience servicing the Midlands!

A2Z has been servicing the Midlands for over 30 years for commercial clients. Our services include all exterior cleaning and we have all the right equipment, experience and processes to make your home beautiful.

We don’t have a list of cultural values, but just one – care. It may seem cliche, but we believe that this isn’t something the cleaning industry always offer.

Care means we take pride in cleaning your premises and making sure we deliver excellent results. Care also means we are reliable and when we say we will do something, we do it!

Our services include daily office cleaning and exterior cleaning such as; windows, gutters, car parks and exterior cladding. We are in the heart of the midlands and we offer our service across the midlands.

Deep clean infection control

Covid-19 has taught us that we were not ready for a pandemic. As we pop out to the shop or to work, we’re in constant worry that we could potentially be bringing the virus back to our homes. As we scrub our hands and disinfect our kitchens, we are concerned that we may not have got to everything.

We can help you. We have invested in deep clean infection control machines and use a process called fogging, which uses a powerful disinfectant that covers everything and kills all bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.

Our fogging machine is safe enough to cover business premises, factories, restaurants, cafes & schools. See our deep clean infection control page.

We don't like to brag, so we leave that to our customers!

“Regular, reliable and easy payments.
Great service”

Manny PLeicester

“Very friendly and efficient staff. Get straight down to business. Very Prompt. Would highly recommend them.”

Joanne GLeicester

“I would definitely recommend A2Z cleaning services. The service and communicating is excellent.”

Michelle HLeicester