Daily Office Cleaning

Offering a premier cleaning service for your office. Following a site survey we create a core service Plan which is specifically tailored to the needs of your business premises. This Service Plan forms the basis for our Quality Control Audits which are conducted by a Partner at the end of every Service Visit.


With over 30 years experience, we deliver our services at the highest standard.


Our team are trained to deliver excellent results every time.

What we offer

We work with all types of businesses and approach every premises methodically. Here is a what we offer to you.

What we can help you achieve

Clean, hygienic offices to impress your customers and clients and keep staff happy.

Reception Areas
  • Carpets and hard floor hoovered and cleaned
  • Reception Furniture cleaned and disinfected
  • Reception desk wiped and disinfected
  • Door handles wiped and disinfected
  • Other touchpoints (light switches, banisters, etc)┬ádisinfected
  • Toilets scrubbed and bleached
  • Cubicle locks cleaned and disinfected
  • Sinks and taps disinfected
  • Urinal blocks replaced
  • Arrange PHS for sanitary waste disposal
  • Floors cleaned and disinfected
Communal Areas
  • Floor’s hoovered and cleaned
  • Worktops and tables wiped and disinfected
  • Door Handles cleaned and door windows cleaned
  • Funiture polished and disinfected
  • Bins changed
  • Load dishwasher
  • Desks wiped down and disinfected
  • Keyboards and mice cleaned and disinfected
  • Hoover and disinfected floor space
  • Bins changed

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