Protecting you and your team

Our deep infection control service helps you get up and running with a safe working environment for you and your colleagues.

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Fighting infection together

As the UK start lifting restriction measures, we will need to keep our colleagues, teams and our customer’s health our main focus. At the same time businesses such as restaurants & cafes, beauty salons and others who have not been able to open for over 3 months, may not be able to shut down if another wave strikes them again. That’s why we have introduced our deep clean infection control to minimise any disruption to your business and get you up and running if a colleague or customer has been reported infected.

How do we do it?

This highlights three areas how we totally control the situation and how you can safely return back to work after 1 hour of our departure.

When we arrive

When we arrive, we first remove all wastage from the building, and we will take note of all touch point areas. We make sure that we cover everything. Our staff will be in full PPE before entering the premises. Personnel in full PPE are sprayed down before leaving to ensure they do not carry any contamination to other areas.

Our Process

We begin by touch cleaning all contact areas with a high grade biocide verified to kill bacteria and viruses including covid 19. We will then carry out a process referred to as Bio-Fogging, using equipment that sprays a very fine mist of chemical solution to seek out and catch any missed contaminates. This will clear after ventilation in about 30 minutes. Leaving behind a safe environment that is germ free.

The chemical

Please be assured we have taken steps to make sure our chemical will kill Covid 19 which is the main concern at this time. There are a few disreputable companies using inferior ‘off the shelf products’ that maybe anti-bacterial, they are however ineffective against viruses.